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RBM provides custom illustration services for a variety of needs and uses. These illustrations could show anatomy for your students, explain your scientific research, or demonstrate
medical devices.

  • Patient education

  • Anatomical illustrations

  • Surgical illustrations

  • Device illustrations

  • Research figures

  • Infographics



Alongside illustration, we provide design services. This can include elevating PowerPoint slides with sleek design and custom illustration or creating engaging and informative
patient education brochures.

  • PowerPoint and slide deck design

  • Brochure design

  • Booklet design

  • Instructional booklet design



Would a moving image best describe your science? Do you need a layered PowerPoint to teach anatomy and physiology? We can work together to create short 2-dimensional animations to keep your audience engaged.

  • 2D animation

  • GIFs

  • PowerPoint Animation

Why Choose RBM

Why choose

Highly trained & skilled

RBM's technical training and skill set allow us to dig deeply during the research stage of the project. We have the know-how to participate in discussions about your complex science. We read your scientific papers! Check out the FAQ below for more information about the research process. Worry no more about an illustrator drawing a heart facing the incorrect direction! Accuracy is the biggest part of what we do, and we work hard to ensure all visuals are detailed and precise. 


It's personal

Our business is small but mighty! When you work with RBM, you are communicating directly with the illustrator who will complete your projects. This allows for a custom, personal, and collaborative approach to each project.


It's collaborative

We want to collaborate with you at each stage of the process to create your custom graphics! You are the expert in your field of study, and we want to leverage your expertise to elevate the project. When we work together, we can create a stronger output than we could as individuals.


Quick communication

Timely communication is so important to us!
An integral part of working collaboratively is being able to communicate well and communicate often. We keep in touch during each stage of the project to be able to answer all your questions and absolutely nail your goals for the final product.


All fun & all delight

Have you experienced the utter delight of uncovering a cool science fact? Those little sparks of excitement about hagfish slime or CAR T-cell technology? That feeling is what we strive to capture for the viewers of
each and every illustration.


Frequently Asked Questions


I've never worked with a medical illustrator before. What's the process like?


Do I get to own the rights to the artwork once paid for?


When is the best time to get in touch
about a project?


What about pricing?


How long does it usually take to create an illustration?


I'm interested in becoming a medical illustrator! How do I join the profession?


Do you love
what you do?


The first step in our process is scheduling a call to discover your goals for the project and specific topic. The next step is researching existing graphics, the topic at hand, and then strategizing based on the research. After our research is compiled, the illustrator will prepare sketches. The sketches might go through several versions as we work together. After the sketches comes the last step:
the final artwork!


Depending on what we have discussed and what is outlined in the project paperwork, you are usually entitled to the reproduction rights for the usage and time period requested once the project is paid in full. Rogers Biomedical Media owns and retains the copyright to all images created
during the project.


Generally, the sooner the better. Since each project is custom-made, it depends on your needs and deadlines. With research figures for journal publications, it’s best to get in touch when the manuscript is nearly or fully complete, and as early as possible before the publication’s
deadline for submission.


Pricing is different for each illustration project and dependent on the scope, time needed to complete the project, resources required, and usage rights.


Creating an illustration can take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months and is dependent on the scope of the project. Many deadlines can be accommodated with proper notice, quick client feedback, and if applicable, an additional rush fee. 


Learn Medical Art has excellent resources on becoming a medical illustrator. Joining the Association of Medical Illustrators is a great step
to take as well.


Absolutely! Medical illustration allows me to combine my love of learning, love of science, and love of art all in one! There is nothing I love more than making medical and scientific concepts enjoyable and understandable to everyone.

Let's work

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